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The Best Folder Lock Software for Windows 10


The Best Folder Lock Software for Windows 10

In the present times, we all find it easier to store our documents digitally. One problem with this is, your folder and files can be easily edited or deleted by other people without your knowledge. To prevent this from happening, you can install Folder Lock Software which prevents unknown access to your device.

Here are the top picks for the Best Folder Lock Software for Windows 10.

  1. IObit Protected Folder

It has an easy interface and features a drag and drop system. It keeps your folder and files secure and comes with different access permissions to your locked folders.

  1. Folder lock

Folder lock works on Windows 10 and other Android devices. It is easy to use and keeps your documents password protected. One other incredible feature is that it lets you encrypt USB devices as well. It also provides easy backup.

  1. Wise Folder Hider Pro

As the name suggests, it allows you to hide your private files from prying eyes. It lets you password protect your USB device as well, in case you lend your USB containing private material to others.

  1. SecretFolder

SecretFolder is another free Folder Lock software that comes with the basic features. It has an easy interface; all you need to do is add the necessary documents in the SecretFolder’s dashboard, and it will secure it with a password.

  1. Gilisoft File Lock Pro

Operating this software requires no expertise. It has a clean and user-friendly setup and provides military-grade encryption. Other than documents, it encrypts and password protects your other devices like memory cards and hard disks.

  1. HiddenDIR

HiddenDIR is again another simple and, easy-to-use software. All you need to do is open the application, click on the hide button, and select one or multiple files/folders. Thereafter your documents are password protected and hidden from your device.

  1. dCrypt X

dCrypt X works like any other Folder Lock software. It secures your documents with a password and keeps them away from unidentified access.

These were the top picks for the Best Folder Lock Software. All of them provides an easy interface and let you hide your documents from your device or protect them with a password that denies unidentified access. Install any of the above-mentioned software and stay carefree with your files.


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