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Guide to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Mi A3

Guide to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Mi A3


Guide to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Mi A3

What is a bootloader?

A bootloader is system software that is also called a Boot program. They usually come with Android devices that stop your device from installing or downloading specific special applications. But you have nothing to worry about, as in this article, we have listed some easy steps on how to Unlock the Bootloader on your Xiaomi Mi A3.

Before starting with the steps, make sure you have downloaded the official Mi unlock tool directly from the Mi website; The website will guide you through the process.

Now notice that when you download the tool, the team gives you a waiting period of a week or two to get activated, so this has to be done before you start with the process. You can then carry out the process after you have waited and had it activated;

  • Start your process by connecting your phone to your PC.
  • Go to the phone’s setting upon connecting, click on additional settings, and press developer options.
  • In the developer options, you can swipe up to notice the Mi Unlock Status, where you first need to go through their privacy policy and then agree to their agreement. After deciding, you can then view the status of your device as ‘Unlocked.’
  • Before going with the steps, ensure to have a backup of all your data, as unlocking the bootloader erases all of your phone’s storage.

When the above steps are done right, you can then start with the process;

  • Go to the official website from your Pc;, and once you have downloaded it, you can then extract it to your Pc.
  • Log in with your phone’s Mi ID to begin.
  • Once the above step is done, make sure your phone is connected to the Pc and switch it off.
  • Press your volume button down along with your home button for a few seconds until the phone goes into ‘FASTBOOT MODE.’
  • On your Pc, the SN number of your phone and the product name appears with the status as unlocked.
  • Click on the unlock (F6) button that appears below and wait until your phone Reboots.

Finally, your phone restarts as a new model with all data being erased.

By unlocking the bootloader in your device, the OS gets faster, along with many other new features.

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